Legal Education

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination is a new independent centralised assessment regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority that all aspiring solicitors will take to qualify as solicitors, potentially from 1 September 2021, subject to final approval from the Legal Services Board.

The new SQE system is expected to phase out the current LPC qualification route by 2032, while the current GDL is expected to cease as a qualification route by September 2021.

Current Solicitor’s qualification routes until September 2021
complete a qualifying law degree (QLD) – followed by the Legal Practice Course (LPC) – then complete the period of recognised training for 2 years. complete a non-law degree – then take the Common Professional Examination (CPE) or Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) conversion course – followed by the LPC– then complete the period of recognised training for 2 years. complete the membership or fellowship route of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) while working in the legal profession – even if you do not have a degree.

The SRA’s proposals show that the SQE will be split into two stages and assessed on a pass/fail basis. SQE1 focuses on legal knowledge and SQE2 on practical legal skills. The SQE route’s requirements are:
* have a degree in any subject (or equivalent qualification or work experience).
* pass both stages of the SQE assessment.
* have two years’ qualifying work experience.
* pass our character and suitability requirements.

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