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About AO

AOLaw Ltd is a law office with an international outlook, attuned to the priorities of businesses and committed to delivering excellent value to its clients. It is focused on providing clients with proactive, efficient, timely and cost-effective legal solutions to enable them timeously and successfully achieve their goals.

Our principal consultant is Dr. Adekunle Osibogun who is a dual qualified lawyer and an arbitrator, with experience in dispute avoidance and complex disputes. He has practiced as a corporate lawyer and dispute resolution expert for over fifteen years, with expertise in commercial disputes and investor-state disputes. His corporate practice covers a wide range of areas including construction, banking, intellectual property, technology law, company law, insurance, and real property.

Dr. Osibogun has led on international research projects and delivers professional research consultancy services to organizations together with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development. He is a core member of the Buckinghamshire Council, and plays an active role in different committees including the Council’s Education and Planning Committees. He leads on the governing board for numerous community impact organistations, including the Consumer Awareness, Fairhive Homes Ltd, and Financial Enlightenment Initiative and Healthwatch. His research interests covers a range of constitutional and public law issues, focusing on governance structures and systems, separation of powers and checks and balancing mechanisms